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H 7042 was introduced in January 2014 by Democratic Rep. Dennis Canario, and has five sponsors.

According to the text, in addition to requiring labeling of genetically-engineered foods, the bill also defines “natural” as follows: “Which has not been treated with preservatives, antibiotics, synthetic additives, artificial flavoring or artificial coloring; Which has not been processed in a manner that makes such food significantly less nutritive; and Which has not been genetically engineered.”

On January 29, the committee recommended the bill held for further study.

Similarly S 2226 was introduced in January 2014 and also held for study.


On February 6, 2013 HB. 5278 was introduced, regarding the “labeling of food products containing gentically modified foods”

As a coalition of states, we need a movement of people to tell the Government that we have a right to know what is in our Foods. GMO Labeling is just a small step forward in making the future of our nation a healthier one. We need to be educated about what we are eating. Act now and tell your local legislator to stand for your rights.

The bill states:

(b) Labeling.
(1) For products consisting of or containing GMOs,
operators shall ensure that:

(i) For pre-packaged products offered to the final consumer consisting of, or containing GMOs, the words “This product contains genetically modified organisms” or “This product contains genetically modified [name of organism(s)]
” appear on a label;

(ii) For non-pre-packaged products offered to the final consumer the words “This product contains genetically modified organisms” or “This p
roduct contains genetically modified [name of organism(s)]” shall appear on, or in connection with, the display of the product.

(c) Exemptions.

(1) This section shall not apply to traces of GMOs in products in a proportion no higher than one percent (1%) of the entire food product.

21-37-5. Traceability requirements for products for
food and feed produced from GMOs.

(a) When placing products produced from GMOs on the market in Rhode Island, operators shall ensure that the following information is transmitted in writing to the operator
receiving the product:

(1) An indication of each of the food ingredients which is produced from GMOs;

(2) An indication of each of the feed materials or additives which is produced from GMOs.

(3) In the case products for which no list of ingredients exists, an indication that the product is produced from GMOs

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