The Instant Pot VS The Power

The Instant Pot VS The Power Pressure Cooker XL

If you are looking to buy the ultimate pressure cooker that will replace other cooking appliances, then you are reading the right content. We have created this comparison post for those of you who are in search of versatility. Numerous brands are bombarding the market with their multipurpose cooking appliances. However, two such machines that have caught the attention of the consumer in recent times are Power Pressure Cooker XL (PPC XL) and various models from Instant Pot (IP).

Each of these models has their strengths and weaknesses, and something you prefer doesn’t mean that it is a top priority for all others as well. But we do guarantee you that each of the models that we are considering in this article has something to offer that you will love. So, let’s begin!

Overall Comparison: Instant Pot vs. Power Pressure Cooker XL

Both the brands have their own positives attributes. For example, they both come with various pre-set programs that you can use to prepare different meals as per your requirements. Power XL emphasizes on 70% faster cooking as compared to the traditional cooking techniques while Instant Pot underlines on utility and convenience.

All products from IP don’t go over 8 quarts whereas, Power Pressure Cooker XL goes up to 10 Quarts. Instant Pot focuses on offering functionalities that the user can reprogram according to the needs and requirements while PPC XL stays focused on presets. Both the brands can’t do everything, but they do offer plenty of value for the money that you spend for them.

If you prefer preset programs, then you should opt for Power XL and if you like to set your own presets the go for IP cookers. Furthermore, Instant Pot comes with a Yogurt Maker while Power Pressure cooker XL comes in 10-Quarts capacity which none of the Instant Pot models have to offer.

If the price is a deciding factor, then XL takes the lead again over Instant Pot because it is a lot cheaper than most of the models of Instant Pot excluding the Lux Series which has the same price as Power Pressure Cooker XL. Therefore, overall PPC XL has the edge over IP only when we talk about price and capacity. Regarding technological advancement, safety and versatility IP will always come out on top.

Instant Pot Lux Series vs. Power Pressure Cooker XL

The significant advantage Instant Pot Lux Series has over PPC XL is its price. Lux Series pressure cookers come with a similar price tag as that of Power Pressure Cooker XL, and it comes with almost all the functions that its competitor has in it.

On the other hand, Power Pressure Cooker XL offers greater capacity at 10 Quarts which can cook a full turkey, as compared to the Lux Series. However, PPC XL has lesser manual options or programs for the users as compared to Lux Series.

It might not matter for some user, but others may like to change a few options around. Lux Series is equipped with a feature that allows the cooking process to be delayed for up to 24 hours which is not available in Power Pressure Cooker XL. Preset programs are a preference for some of the users because if you have to set a program manually, then you won’t need a multipurpose pressure cooker.

However, manual setting is for those people who know what they are cooking and how much time does the dish need to prepare adequately. Instant Pot Lux Series turns out to be the winner because you might not be able to go for higher capacity Lux Series but it does come with some handy features with manually preset cooking programs at an affordable price.

Instant Pot Duo Series vs. Power Pressure Cooker XL

The Instant Pot Duo Series takes lead over Power XL due to its “Yogurt Maker” feature. You can make yogurt with a simple setting in your Instant Port Duo Series pressure cooker but not with Power Pressure Cooker XL.

The only advantage of Power XL over Duo Series is that it comes cheap and offers a higher capacity of 10-Quarts as compared to Duo Series. The Duo Series comes with various manual presets and its construction is based on safety as well.

The XL lags behind Duo Series concerning functions because it lacks the safety features that Instant Pot provides to its consumers. The simplest of the safety features of this type of appliance involves an auto steam release feature that is not present in the XL.

Power XL only has one feature that is not there in the Duo Series, and that is the canning system, but NCHFP and FDA don’t recommend pressure canning your food. Furthermore, the quality of the cooking pot is a significant comparison factor. The cooking pot of the Duo Series is made of stainless steel while that of the XL is non-stick coating pot that is more prone to sticking or burning food.

Apart from price tag and capacity, there is no other reason to choose Power XL over Duo Series or if you intend to use it for canning. Therefore, Duo Series turns out to be the winner because it provides you with cooking safety, a stainless steel cooking pot and of course you can manually set your cooking programs as well.

Instant Pot Smart Series vs. Power Pressure Cooker XL

Instant Pot Smart has everything which makes it a next-generation pressure cooker. Regarding features, it is way ahead of the competing brands in the market. You can connect this cooker with your phone and control it remotely to delay the cooking times as per your requirements.

The Power XL only has an advantage when it comes to price or the capacity. Otherwise, Instant Smart Pot is miles ahead of it. As claimed by Instant Pot website, the Smart Series is million-in-1 multi-purpose pressure cooker, and you can preset almost anything you want into it. It is not available in Power XL.

The Smart Series also has a stainless steel cooking pot which is not there in the XL, and it is also equipped with additional safety measures such as an auto steam release.

If you want pressure canning, then XL will provide you with that feature, but Instant Pot continues to focus on regulation from FDA and doesn’t include in its Smart Series as well. The only disadvantage that the Smart Series has as compared to the XL is it is very expensive, but it does allow you to save numerous cooking program settings too.

The winner of this roundup turns out to be Smart Pot Series because it comes with a remote feature to delay the cooking time whenever you need it. You can also pre-set many programs, and it won’t burn or stick the food in its stainless steel pot as well.

Instant Pot Duo Plus Series Vs. Power Pressure Cooker XL

The Instant Pot Duo Plus Series has all the features of Duo Series. However, it does come with a ‘sterilize’ setting in addition to ‘egg’ and ‘cake’ programs in the Duo Series. However, it is slightly more expensive as compared to the Duo series.

It also features a Yogurt Maker that is not there in Power XL. The only advantage of Power XL over Instant Pot Duo Plus Series is the price factor and 10-Quarts capacity. Apart from the manual settings, the Power XL lags in foam and functions as well.

The XL doesn’t come with an auto steam release which is a standard for most multi cookers. Furthermore, just like the Duo Series, the Duo Plus also doesn’t come with canning system because FDA doesn’t recommend it, but Power XL has it. In addition to that, the cooking pot of the Duo Plus Series is also made of stainless steel whereas; the XL comes with a non-stick coating pot.

Apart from capacity and price tag, the Power XL doesn’t have any other advantage over Instant Pot Duo Plus Series. Therefore, the Instant Pot Duo Plus Series turns out to be the winner because it provides you with a stainless steel cooking pot, safe cooking, and you can set your cooking controls as well.


Both Power XL and all the models of Instant Pot have their positives and negatives. When we talk about price and capacity Power XL takes the lead over Instant Pot. However, besides that, there is nothing much to discuss. Instant Pot, on the other hand, enables you to take control of whatever you are cooking for your family.

It is expensive as compared to Power Pressure Cooker XL but it does offer plenty of versatility, quality, and safety. If you are willing to invest more and want more capacity, then go for PPC XL. However, if you genuinely want to enjoy the benefit of multi-purpose cooking, then bring any model of Instant Pot to your kitchen.

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