New Jersey


S 91 was introduced in January 2014 and has 14 co-sponsors. According to the bill text, “Every genetically modified food product that is offered for sale in the State shall contain a label indicating that the product contains genetically modified material. The information shall be displayed in a manner that is conspicuous and easily understandable to consumers.”

You can read the bill text here and track its status here.

Companion bill, A1359 was introduced mid-January, and has 15 sponsors

You can search for both bills to track their status here.


On July 30, 2012, S 1367 requiring the "labeling of foods containing genetically modified material" was introduced and sponsored by Senator Joseph F. Vitale and Senator Robert W. Singer.   It was assigned to Health and Senior Services Committee.  S 1367 is co-sponsored by Senators Anthony R. Bucco, Gerald Cardinale, Raymond J. Lesniak, Shirley K. Turner and Christopher Bateman.

A-3192 is the Assembly version of the bill and requires the labeling of foods that contain "any substance that has been produced, enhanced or otherwise modified through the use of recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid technology, genetic engineering or bioengineering.

The bill is sponsored in Assembly by Assemblywoman Linda Stender, Assemblyman Timothy J. Eustace, Assemblyman David W. Wolfe and Assemblywoman Bettylou Decroce and is co-sponsored by Assemblymen Caputo and P. Barnes, 111.

The bill was discussed in Senate Health Committee hearing 3/4/13 and is expected to be posted for a vote in May.  On 3/7/13 was tabled by Assembly Health Committee and is expected to be posted for discussion and a vote in May 2013.

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