HB 1191 was introduced in February 2014, and has 19 sponsors.

According to the bill’s text, part of the purpose of requiring GMO labeling is to “protect public health by serving as a risk management tool that will enable consumers, physicians, and scientists to identify unintended health effects resulting from the consumption of genetically engineered foods and enabling consumers to avoid potential risks associated with genetically engineered foods.”

You can read the bill text here and track its status here.

Companion measure SB 778, introduced in January 2014, has eight sponsors, and you can track that bill’s status here.

Both bills list a hearing scheduled for March 11th.


GMO free MARYLAND is a 501c4 grass roots movement in the state of MARYLAND. It's mission is to publish the newest research and educational materials regarding the health risks, environmental impacts and social ramifications of genetically engineered food and it's supportive technologies. The first priority is to help consumers make better food choices by identifying ingredients to be avoided and vendors to be trusted. We encourage individuals to increase awareness locally and mobilize with larger group as there is strength in numbers.

We have established a working relationship with many national food safety organizations including: Organic Consumers Association, Center for Food Safety, Institute for Responsible Technology, Food & Water Watch, Food Democracy Now! and others.

With the introduction of 3 GMO labeling bills in the last 2 years in MARYLAND, we are making progress and it is our ultimate goal to work directly with legislators in Annapolis and DC to show the growing support for passing GMO labeling Laws in the state of MARYLAND.

To learn more about what's happening in your state, visit GMO Free MD and join them at their Meetups.